Bio Mind Power
BME is a course through which you learn how to use all biological, mental & healing energies present in this world. You start living a life near to nature & find peace happiness & success in it. Prof. Dr. A. Samad Musafir is the founder of this useful course. He designed this course in 1990 and in 1992 with the help of few other scientists’ research he designed it in a better & improved way. There are 4 levels of this course thought in 4 days.



PMBL teaches us how to use power, mind language and physical energies. In this course Dr. Samad teaches the best techniques to use the Body Language, Communication Skills, and Facial Expressions to live a successful life. PMBL is based on Mental, Physical and Voice Energies. Power means to get to know the Language of the power and energy, Mind means to get to know the Language of the mind power and mind language, Body means to get to know the body and activation of the powers because body is just like the universe and it has a different language and power that is invisible. Language means to use and come to know about the power of the language and voice. in 1996, Prof. Dr. A. Samad Musafir , Founder of PMBL designed this course based on 02 Levels. The time period for learning 1st Level is eight hours and the rest of the Levels is 03 months.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a creative branch of psychology. Neuro points towards mind that how can we make our mental faculties in discipline and linguistic is about language that how are we using our language and how does it affect us. Programming is about the sequence of our repetitive behavior. This course comprises on two days workshop in which the techniques of NLP are taught. After attending this course the psychology of the students is tuned to the psychology of the successful people.

Mind Sciences

use unlimited Power of your Mind

Science of Mind is an understanding of the universe recognizing a creative power and a loving presence whose twin components permeate all of life and are infinitely responsive to our thought. This creative power and presence permits us to consciously choose and cultivate a life of enhanced options, enduring harmony, indwelling peace, and aspiring achievement. It provides a framework to walk a pathway of heightened spiritual awakening to the pinnacle of inner knowing.

Samad's Mind
SAMAD’s Mind means the mind of a magnanimous. SAMAD is the name of an unlimited energy which is not reliant on anything.
What is SAMAD’s Mind?

SAMAD’s Mind is a course which teaches you how you can unleash the unlimited hidden power of your mind to fulfill the dreams of your life. By learning the principles and techniques offered by this course one can easily achieve his or her aims and goals.

History of SAMAD Mind
When a Russian researcher Mr. Asimof, an American Doctor Mr. Gerry and an Afghan Doctor Mr. Abul Raheem conducted a research on the unlimited mind energies, skills of human beings and on the successful personalities of the world, they came to know of just a nine year young child who was researching on the Human Mind and Unlimited Energies and could as well comment & give lectures like an intellectual. When these scholars researched further on this child they came to know of an amazing fact that he had these charismatic skills gifted from the nature and not learnt from anyone. They also came to know that he is master of Healing Energies, Future Predictions and can solve the unexplained mysteries without any difficulty at the age of just nine years. He can tell the secrete keys of success and has the power to bring the people back to their natural life. The name of this child is Abdul Samad, now known as Professor Dr. A. Samad Musafir. These researchers then founded a new course with the name of SAMAD’s Mind, which is being taught in the different counties Europe & Asia.

Following the success of Prof. Dr. A. Samad Musafir many other Doctors of Pakistan also started researching on these subjects and wrote a book on the life of Dr. A. Samad by the name “ZHEEL SCIENCES.�

Bio Plasma Mind

Every form of suffering is only based on a disorder in the cells. Only the cell can become sick, the smallest functioning unit of the human body. Continually more & more people are turning to the Biochemical method of healing. Missing inorganic mineral salts will cause disruption to the living processes & therefore create illnesses. This results in an inhibition of the cell metabolism. If the missing mineral is supplied the disrupted cell metabolism starts working properly again. Mineral salts are vital. It is easy to comprehend, easy to learn & to top it all off inexpensive.

Silva Mind Method

This course is like other courses of School of Mind Sciences in which more focus is put in meditation and imagination. The power of meditation and the power of imagination and the use of these powers are taught in this course.

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